Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Live!

Look here, I'm updating my blog thing and I recently bought a laptop AND a cellphone! The end times are indeed nigh. But while waiting on the Rapture, feel free to read about recent, current and upcoming events in my silly little world:

Some neat photographs and a story of mine are currently featured on Julie Michelle's wonderful website, I Live Here SF.

The story and images were also recently featured at Jonathan Hirsch's Tenderlogues site. I'll be reading at the next installment of the Tenderloin Reading Series in early July.

I'm excited and proud to be reading at the upcoming installment of the Quiet Lightning Reading Series here in SF at the Minna Gallery on June 6th. I'm reading with some amazing people, and it should be a big crowd. if you're in the area, please consider checking it out. It really should be a grand evening.

What else? A new poem was recently featured at the PigeonBike site and my short story, The Bastards Were Everywhere and Would Endure has been listed among the storySouth Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2010. That's purdy dern cool.

Okay. That's all for now. I promise to update in a more regular and timely fashion. Really. Did I tell you I have a new laptop?

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