Monday, March 23, 2009

For Those Few Who May Be Interested

Some updates on where my work has recently appeared or will appear in the near future:

A poem (Adrift) has been posted on the latest update at Silenced Press.

A few recent pieces have been posted at Scot Young's excellent Rusty Truck Zine.

The (somewhat) legendary Lummox Press has been publishing their Little Red Book series for a decade now, and to commemorate this milestone they've released The Long Way Home: The Best of the Little Red Book Series 1998-2008.

In addition to some of my stuff, the handsome volume includes work by the likes of A.D. Winans, RD Armstrong, Alan Catlin, Lyn Lifshin, Glen Cooper, Todd Moore, Rob Plath, Bill Shields and plenty of other wonderful folk. I implore you to give it a look.

I'll be reading along with Harmon Leon, Kris Saknussem, Debbie Kirk, MK Chavez, Melissa Hansen and Paul Corman-Roberts at the Cherry Bleeds Literary Happy Hour on Friday, April 3rd at the Knockout Room here in San Francisco. Come on by. It will be fun, I promise. Poetry goes down much better with booze, I always find.

A few upcoming projects:

I'm working on an anthology with Lummox Press that will include work by myself as well as MK Chavez, Christopher Robin, Father Luke, Hosho McCreesh, Christopher Cunningham and Miles J. Bell. The volume is tentatively titled The Crooked Road (I think), and may be out sometime this summer.

The Hunger Season, a book of new poetry, is due out from sunnyoutside in the fall.

And lastly, my previous two books are still available for the buyin':

Words For Songs Never Written

So Much Is Burning

Thanks for reading and please forgive the self promotion. A lot of folk in the independent press put a lot of time, love and money into creating beautiful things (books, websites, etc.) that 99.9% of the population doesn't give a fuck about. I feel it my duty to do what I can to spread the word.

A good night to you.


  1. Hey William! This is Taylor from the reading at Modern Times. Glad to see you've started a blog. I'm living in the Bay Area now, so let me know about upcoming readings/poetry events!

  2. Glad to see you here.
    I transferred all of my previous blog at lulu to this place a couple months ago.
    You've reminded me not to forget it, as I have.

  3. Awesome work, yours and all the other names you mention. Somebody stole my copy of Words for Songs Never Written. I hope they enjoy it, because I sure did. I'm ordering another one when I have the extra cash (no, I swear I'm not begging for a freebie...I just blabber at the mouth on comments for some reason). It's nice to see that excellent work is still out there. I love small presses. Keep on self promoting, because people like me love to find out where to go for a good read.

  4. welcome to the world of the blog, my man.

    nice to see ya...

  5. Julie,

    Thanks for the kind words. Let me know if you need another copy of the book...I can sell you one of my copies for somewhat cheaper than the retail price.