Monday, March 23, 2009

I blog therefore I exist.

Look world, I have a blog.

I don't twitter or text, and I still don't own a cell phone, so let this be my concession to modern forms of communication.

Until recently, MySpace served well enough for my sporadic desire to communicate in cyberspace, but most folks these days have all but abandoned MySpace for Facebook. Facebook serves well enough for stalking old highschool crushes and as yet another form of email, but most of it is a jumbled mess of stuff I can make little sense of. So, for the time being, this will be my outlet of choice for drunken ramblings and the occasional pome.

A blog. Why, Bill, why do you need a blog? Do you really? ( I asked myself today as I sat in the sunshine of Union Square drinking wine and looking at the tourists and the beautiful people go about their business.)

I imagine (I answered myself) I'm starting a blog for the reason most people start blogs. Another thing to pass the time as we wait for cancer and heart attacks and for the rest of our teeth to fall out. Something to amuse ourselves as we wait for earthquakes, bombs and plane crashes.

A desperate flailing about for attention and validation. The need for others to convince myself that I exist.
To reassure myself that my little cries into the void are being momentarily heard by someone, anyone.

Welcome, welcome. Come as often as you like. O, the fun we will have.


  1. Oh Billy, I'm here to listen for your little cries.

  2. Hey Taylor! I found you and I concur and its the fighting that keeps us living. Keep up the good fight then.

  3. hi hi!

    um. that's all. *dork*

  4. I'm a dork who has no life or friends, but I love your work, so I'm glad you have a blog.